Monday, April 4, 2011


YES. One of the perks of working at Anthropologie is I get first pick of things that get returned. When someone returns something from months and months ago, it's often that the price is crazy reduced just because the stores don't want to be holding onto "old" merchandise. We cycle through merch like nothing I've ever seen.
ANYWAY I've been coveting this Tracy Reese Spinning Lace Dress since the first day it came November? December? We sold out of it over and over again, and the $300 price tag was another blockade to this being in my closet.
Then yesterday, I went into backstock to see one of these rare white buffalo hanging out like "yeah, hey." And I was all: "Ohhhh we have one of these again? It's probably a size 2 or 12 :(" Then the dress was all "No way, I like totally fit you perfectly AND I'M ONLY THIRTY DOLLARS YO."

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