Monday, May 23, 2011

Etsy Dresses

This vintage dress from Allen Company Inc (based out of Allentown, Jonnie's hometown!) is super cute! I think the whole strapless-bride looks is really overdone, but this dress is just doing it for me.

I like the idea of a vintage dress, or sourcing Etsy's artisans for a handmade dress. Surprisingly, a handmade custom dress on Etsy is cheaper than a "designer" dress that's Made In China for David's Bridal or whatever. The only issue is the "trying on" thing. But if I find someone in San Francisco or Philadelphia, that might not be a problem at all.

These dresses are by Leanne from Project Runway! And they are made from sustainable fabrics.

These dresses are by Angela Vaden on Etsy.

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