Monday, June 20, 2011


If there's anything I learned from my latest trip back home, it's that other brides are preparing their weddings really far in advance! Where I thought I had a head start, many of the venues I've seen so far are booked to the gills. So now is the time to not only start looking for vendors, but booking them as well. Here is a roundup of floral vendors in the Philadelphia area, and some other inspiring photos.

They are a Philly florist connected to Longwood Gardens. They also take bulk orders for flowers, in case I wanted to create the arrangements myself! Might be good for gathering succulents.

Then there's Fall Flowers LLC. Their photos are awful! But the arrangements look good. I'd have to give them alot of direction, since they don't seem to have much personal style, but that could be a good thing.

This arrangement is by Hana & Posy. They won an award for being "eco-friendly."
There's also Pennypack Flowers, but I don't feel like adding another image :P

A lovely Father's Day inspired arrangement by Studio Choo! These ladies are awesome and definitely a huge inspiration to me. I stumbled into their shop when I got off at the wrong bus stop near Alamo Square and everyone is just great. Wish I could use them for my own wedding, but the flowers wouldn't make the trip from San Francisco to Philly. :(

More flowers by Studio Choo

They also did these salt dishes which are amazing! They would match my wooden candlesticks perfectly, and they WOULD make it across country.

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